Lipoma Removal

General remarks

  • Lipomas are often located in the neck, back, buttocks and the proximal part of the extremities
  • Lipomas are nearly always benign tumors
  • It can usually be correctly diagnosed by clinical appearance and physical examination alone.
  • Further test are rarely necessary but in doubt an US or MRI can be considered.

  • Step by step

    1. The skin is cleansed with povidone iodine or chlorhexidine
    2. Local 'field' anaesthesia
    3. Skin incision
    4. Opening of capsula
    5. Blunt dissection of the lipoma
    6. Bilateral compression lets the lipoma deliver as a whole
    7. Specimen inspection
    8. Skin closure
    9. In case of a large lipoma, a pressure bandage can be applied

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